Are you ready to start your journey?

Published on 10 February 2024 at 11:19

If you have found me during your search to a positive mindset, it's safe to say, you are ready for a change. There is no doubt about it, this journey doesn't come easily, but in time, the things we begin to implement will come naturally. 


While some people are born with a positive attitude/mindset, this is not true for everyone. Many of us have to work for it. We need to train our brain to search for the positives in all that we do. Like anything we do, practice makes perfect, but when it comes to mindset, practice makes a habit. The biggest question is "Where do I start?" 

We start with baby steps:

  • Smile More-Seems easy enough, right? Smiling is backed by science to lift your mood, lower your stress levels, strengthen your immune system, and possibly even prolong your life! That right there is reason to smile, if you need one.
  • Think Less-Did you know the human mind has a tendency to intensify the negativity we feel? Overthinking can weigh us down, bring us down, and keep us down. Having a clearer mind is helpful in many ways. Clarity makes it easier to get things done, find focus, feel content, and makes it easier to prioritize.
  • Be Present-This tends to be a struggle for us all, but it is so important in the journey. By being present in the moment, we give ourselves the opportunity to enjoy what is right in front of us, in the NOW. Focusing on the past or future takes the moment away from us. Being present also has shown to lower stress and anxiety levels, boost your memory, increase your focus, and improve your mental/emotional well-being.
  • Give More-Don't read too far into this one, I am not suggesting you take your last dollar and give it away. There are so many other ways to give more, lending a helping hand, giving a compliment, even smiling are all free to give. 
  • Expect Less-How many times have you gotten your hopes up, just to be let down? When we set the bar too high, we are destined to be let down. Expect less, be grateful for more, and you will boost your positivity on many levels!


While these are just five steps to begin with, there is so much more to the journey. There will be moments it seems hard, even moments you feel like giving up, but in the end, it will be worth pushing through. Together we will learn about limiting beliefs, toxic relationships, learning to say no, and understanding that it's okay to be "not okay!" We will learn together, grow together, and let go together. 


Give yourself credit for taking the first step to a happier mindset and a more positive spin on life!

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3 months ago

In a world filled with negativity, its refreshing to see a site with such positivity and encouragement. Please keep up the great messaging!